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    [4.2EA2] a simple formating example


      hello, i have tried a simple example with EA2:


      SELECT T.table_name , c.column_id, c.column_name, K.comments

      FROM user_tables T

      INNER JOIN user_tab_cols C

      ON T.table_name = C.table_name

      LEFT JOIN user_col_comments K

      ON K.table_name=T.table_name

      AND K.column_name = C.column_name

      ORDER BY t.table_name , c.column_id





      SELECT t.table_name

      ,      c.column_id

      ,      c.column_name

      ,      k.comments

      FROM user_tables t

        INNER JOIN user_tab_cols c ON t.table_name = c.table_name

      LEFT JOIN user_col_comments k

      ON k.table_name = t.table_name

      AND k.column_name = c.column_name

      ORDER BY


      , c.column_id;


      • single space before the commas, even though my indentation step is 2 spaces
      • is there a way to get the list of selected fields vertically aligned ?
      • why is the inner join indented whereas the outer one is not (and the "on" condition causes a linebreak in one case only)
      • could not find a preference to not have a linebreak after the "order by"


      IIRC 4.2 uses a real parser instead of adhoc regexes previously, so finer control should be possibel (as the formater now "understands" the code)

      Currently though if feeels like too few parameters are exposed, and if the "custom format" dialog is meant for end-users, it certainly is cryptic and intimidating.


      What would be really nice is some bundled presets, e.g. a "feuerstein" style ;-)