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    Change DB connection for ORDS

    Earl Lewis

      We're moving our databases to a new host/system and I'm wondering about the best way to (dare I say, best practice?) move my ORDS connections to point to the new database. It seems to me that we need to run

      java -jar ords.war install advanced

      in order to specify new database/server information, along with setting up the ORDS schemas/objects. I need to make sure that the new installation/configuration mirrors the old. There are two different DADS/ORDS installations on the same host that point to different databases.


      Can we do this part of the configuration (above) and not have to make any changes to the Glassfish side of things, assuming nothing besides the db connection information is changing? Or is there more happening under the covers, that is going to require us to deploy new ords.war and i.war files?