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    Dynamic content based on contact's subscription preferences?


      We are trying to use some dynamic content within an email asset based on a contact's subscription preferences, however it doesn't seem possible as unsubscribe data is stored at the contact level rather than in a Custom Data Object (CDO).


      Has anyone done something similar, or know of a workaround to this?

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          Jan Stefan Rusin

          If you setup a program and saved the data local you able to do what you want.



          So they way your Subscription is working is threw CDO Record Services.


          Then when


          Subscription option 1 = True then they will be subribed

          Subscription Option 1 = False. they will get Unsubribed



          or use 1 and 0 instead.


          So your form is writing to a CDO than have Record Services.


          Or if it on the Contact card.

          Then the form need to add them to a program builder since currently your not able to do subscription on the Program Canvas. How Ever ELQ says this will be possible soon.