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    EBS 12.2.4 Vision Appliance - VM import -1928303.1 Doc Required


      Hi everyone,

      I wanted to get my hands on EBS so I went to Oracle's e delivery platform and downloaded several files which is about 56 GB and totals 18 zipped files ! I followed excellent online blogs and tutorials

      explaining the process to import the appliance in VirtualBox. Though I have the files ready to start the import and get going with it I am hesitating to go ahead with the import as i want to first have a look at the official Oracle document explaining the process. I believe that document is : Oracle VM Virtual Appliances for Oracle E-Business Suite Deployment Guide, Release 12.2.4 (Note 1928303.1)


      I am unable to get this document. I don't understand why this document is restricted for download when EBS 12.2.4 appliance is freely made available for download. How I am going to import and go about the process when I can't access this document. Anyone could help me with this? I need enough information for memory and disk space besides other things I may run into while going through the import process. Anyone at Oracle management reading this could this document be made available for all with oracle general login?


      Hope I'll get some kind of help. Thanks.