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    How to detect user's current location in BefImport event script


      Hi All,


      Right now I have a Jython BefImport Script that can grab any excel file and convert it to txt file. So what I want to do is after it's converted to excel file, i saved it to the user's current location inbox folder on FDMEE server and this location should be users current location ('current' means where he click on "execute" in data load rule and trigger the befimport script).


      For example, user  is on locationA pov and he want to execute a DLR. He click on 'execute' button and then my befimport script is triggered. So the file is converted and should be save at locationA s inbox folder on FDMEE server.


      I know the fdmContext function, but it needs a process ID as input and then it can get the location. But since my script is in befimport there is no processID i can pass to fdmContext at that time.


      So is there anyway i can get the location? so that i can save my txt file to the correct location....


      Thank you very much for your help!!