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    Suggest : New to BI

    Akshay Bhan


      I am new to BI.

      Please suggest me how to start with Oracle Business Intelligence with all your knowledge.

      Please Guide me, and tell me my learning path.

      About me I know about SQL and PL/SQL.



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          Gianni Ceresa


          Ideally I would suggest a training (a real one and not a youtube one) to get started.


          For sure you can have a look at OBIEE Tutorials and get OBIEE Samples locally.

          This will keep you busy for a while, up to you to explore it and see how things are done.

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            Christian Berg

            +1: Get a proper training. With "proper" meaning "a training which makes you undestand things, not one which rushes you through button pressing".


            Do the tutorials Gianni mention. Get yourself a SampleApp instance or at least connect online to the public ones available.


            Also: Don't focus on "I know SQL so I will look at try to reflect query A which I have written in a report". OBI is a totally different concept. Everything revolves around metadata models. Not SQL queries.