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    How automatically identify which Partial (Merged) NLS patches need t ob e replaced by the Full NLS patches?


      Dear Experts,


      Let me pass one of my Customer's question, hoping you can help.


      Is there an automatized solution to help identifying and deciding which of the Full NLS patches need to be applied to replace the Partial (Merged) NLS patches?


      As a background information:

      NLS patches does have versions where  file name is with "_p", and without "_p" (e.g. file name is p123456_R12_CountryCode_p.zip and p123456_R12_CountryCode.zip).

      It seems p123456_R12_CountryCode_p.zip terminology stands for merged patch and  p123456_R12_CountryCode.zip terminology stands for the Full NLS patch.


      Is this correct?


      MOS note NLS Frequently Asked Questions - Doc ID 399789.1 provides information on the difference of these two kind of patches, but it does not provide information on how to automatically identify these.


      I very much appreciate your ideas how to help Customer with this question.

      Thank you.

      Best regards,