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    deploying oracle webcenter with e-business suite r12 for ap invoice automation - topology question


      trying to get a sense of server topology options for using oracle webcenter with r12 for AP invoice automation.  I have no prior experience with oracle webcenter, so hoping someone can help with these basic questions.


      • Does an Webcenter AP automation solution require dedicated physical server(s) to install the webcenter components (content, imaging, forms, capture, etc.), or can the webcenter components be installed on the e-BS servers, leveraging the r12 server investment?    if a separate server(s) is required, can all the webcenter components be installed on the same physical server or are multiple physical servers required?


      • Also given webcenter is middleware, wondering if with r12 integration, does oracle provide a "seeded" setup/config for webcenter invoice automation, or do the webcenter components need to be configured from "scratch"?