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    Sending emails to 2 different email types


      How can we use a secondary email address (personal email) in Campaign canvas?


      Contact record will contain Student and personal email address. Depending on a scenario we would like to select the email address to be used

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          Ben Murray

          I don't think there is a way to send to multiple addresses on a contact record because to the best of my knowledge, Eloqua is only setup to send to the default Email field.  If your audience is students, you could utilize companies in a different way. For instance, each email address (personal, school) would be a different contact record, which would link up to a single company record which is that contact.  That would allow you to send to both addresses and then report on how the companies performed as opposed to contacts.

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            I agree with  Ben Murray. So your best option may be to have separate contact records for each student (personal and school) if possible. 


            Meanwhile, there may be another approach you could try exploring - however be aware it is quite advanced and unconventional. It involves using Custom Object Record Services to send emails. It may be possible to have CDOs mapped to contact records using the primary email, and then store the secondary email to another CDO field. Assuming you have your program set up accordingly, it could be possible to try utilizing the 'Send Email' Custom Object Service to students' school emails. However, take note Eloqua is unable to track email sends based on custom object records so this could have potential negative consequences on deliverability and reporting if not tested and monitored properly. Hope that helps.

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              Thanks Ben. But client specifically request to keep one contact record. In that case, only option would be to use CDO.

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                We are planning to use CDO as you mentioned and use Custom object record services to add the contact into a program builder and send the email out from program builder as it will have more control in the program builder. However, reporting has issues. We can report on linked contact record and add the CDO fields into the report.