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    Integration of FDMEE and DW


      Hi Gurus,


      We are OBIEE shop and we have data warehouse. Have any of you used FDMEE to drill back to datawarehouse.



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          You did not specify what version of OBIEE or  Hyperion(including patch level) are you on?(e.g

          Out of the box drill through is only for select amount of supported source system(e.g EBS etc).

          With that said yes you could design a process were from the FDMEE landing page you can have parameters passed to some other URL source.  Of course really there is a lot of information you have not provided and folks on the board do not know the overall objective you envision so the due diligence is upon you to design and test  .

          The below documents should be of some help as a starting point :

          FDMEE Whitepaper: Drill-through URL Details (Doc ID 1636621.1)

          Oracle® Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition Administrator's Guide - Contents


          Good luck and let us know how you make out


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