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      Can someone help me for this


      I'm have two server

                  - Application/bd server

                  - Backup server

      Now i want to take backup with tar from Application/bd server to  Backup server


      Can someone help me for the script to run (syntaxe)

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          You have not provided enough information to allow us to give any advice.


          What is the operating systems and versions of all servers?  Does the backup server have any backup software?  in what directories are the Oracle software installed?  Why are you not taking hot backups?  Are the sysadmins backing up the operating system files at all?  Are you required to keep a certain number of backups?  How much space do you have on the backup server?  Do you have to compress the backups or just rsync the installation there and periodically refresh the backup?

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            Your EBS version is critical for the backup strategy.


            Provide below:

            1. EBS Version
            2. DB version
            3. Do you have any existing strategy for DB like hot backup/incremental etc?


            I can give you scripts but need above details.




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              Does FULL backup mean cold backup (services shutdown) or hot backup (database and applications up)?