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    Java Standalone application using ORDS  takes a longer response time for any DML operations

    Marimuthu Periyasamy



      We are using the Oracle ORDS(ords.war) to create Restful WebServices.

      We created a Standalone war application wherein we make calls to ords.war to create Restful WebServices for the operations like Select, Insert , Update and Delete operations.

      What we developed is like a Standalone Java wrapper around the ORDS for the DML operations.

      But seems like the opertaions takes long time for any DML operations.

      Example :

      POST http://(Server):8001/ABCRestfulService/resources/select/

      Content-Type: application/json


      The above URL will invoke ORDS as follows:

      http://(Server):8001/ords/schemaName/tableName/   ==> We construct this url using the above payload.

      and change the Content-Type to application/vnd.oracle.resource+json;type=filter-form;charset=UTF-8  , we use this Content-Type while making the DB call


      We are getting the data from the database and works fine , but the operation takes longer time than usual.


      Meaning our application code takes very negligible time when compared to the ORDS call timings as you can see below.


      Please find the latest timings:

      Our application START time : 2017-01-18 10:44:17.343

      ORDS call START time :        2017-01-18 10:44:17.371        ==> This is the START time when we make the ORDS call, meaning the ORDS URL is formed as http://(Server):8001/ords/schemaName/tableName and the DB call is made.

      ORDS call END time :            2017-01-18 10:44:25.933        ==> This is the END time when the ORDS call completes and returns 200 OK message.

      Our application END time :      2017-01-18 10:44:25.934


      As seen above, there is very less time(in milliseconds) that my application code is spending, it's the ORDS call that  takes the most of the time, as you can see it takes around 8901 ms


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