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    Notification Mailer

    Haytham Mostafa

      Hello Experts,


      I am facing the following issue with the notification mailer, every time I am trying to start the notification mailer it's stop with status : "Stopped_Error".

      - Agent Listeners status is Up

      - Service Components status are up except the notification mailer.

      I tried to start it using the following way but I am still facing the same issue:

      1. To Check workflow mailer service current status: SELECT running_processes FROM fnd_concurrent_queues WHERE concurrent_queue_name ='WFMLRSVC';

      2. Find current mailer status: SELECT component_status FROM fnd_svc_components WHERE component_id =(SELECT component_id FROM fnd_svc_components WHERE component_name ='Workflow Notification Mailer');


      # Environment architecture:

      Application: 12.1.3


      Operating system: Oracle Solaris 10 on SPARC (64 Bit)


      Kindly advice.