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    User Transaction Logs

    Shareef Khaleel

      Dear All,


      Our internal auditors recommends to log all user transactions; not only who created the record and last update by; every single transaction he made, all records he viewed, etc; for example:

      Login; logout; responsibilities and forms in these responsibilities; what records he viewed, created, updated, deleted....etc.


      Reading following link:


      answers most of my questions; but i didn't find if it is cover logging at record level (Viewing, updating, deleting..);



      We are using ORACLE EBS R12.1.2, DB:


      Thanks in advance,


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          I think you need to have a good word with your auditors as that is ridiculous. Sure you can set up sign-on audit (and many organizations do), you can use AuditTrail functionality to monitor changes to key tables, you can even enable auditing at the database level (if you're licensed).

          However auditing every record viewed??? That is just beyond crazy. Sure it's possible, however prepare for your database to grow massively and performance to fall massively. Even auditing update/deletes on every table is nonsensical - the overhead of managing such a system would be almost impossible in my opinion. You might be able to do it on a basic custom system, or on a few tables (such as personal information) however globally on E-Business Suite?? Your auditors need a reality check.

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            Shareef Khaleel



            You suggest to enable audit only on critical tables in each module; for example: receipts, payments, Journals and enable logging for login, logout and responsibilities at user level.


            Any how, performance wise is a big issue, many transactions and many audit tables.


            Thanks and Regards,


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              Pravin Takpire

              Auditors do demand crazy features to be implemented. Please check with auditors which regulation/rule asks to audit everything. I think no single regulation asks to audit complete activity.



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