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    ORDS 503 server unavailable - custom user friendly html page instead?


      ORDS 503 server unavailable. Our 12c RAC is having availability issues right now in production with ORA-12545. Go figure.  Is there any way to configure any of the ORDS xml (we are on 3.0.6 using tomcat 7 , java 1.8, on red hat linux) files so that the user can receive a custom html page instead of ORDS 503 server unavailable (i've got debug on also which makes this even uglier). Yeah, I know I should not do that in production. I will fix that too. I *really* tried searching the forum and google but no good leads. I've got no reverse apache proxy or any of that stuff I probably should be doing. My job is 95% development and 5% apex admin.  TIA.