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    Manage APEX database in SQL developer


      HI ,

      I have signed up for the apex  and created application and have some tables that I would like to manage in sql developer.

      for the same I am trying to find the required details for creating the db connection in sql dev.


      could anyone assist me with this please.



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          Here is an example... this works for me when connecting to an Oracle 11Gex instance using the defaults from the database install...

          Make up your own 'Connection Name'...  Enter the DB Username and password for the user you want to connect with...  Hostname would be the servername or IP address... Port 1521 is the default for oracle traffic... the default SID for Oracle Express is XE... put in whatever the SID is for your DB.


          If your setup is more than 'basic' or you don't know this detail, you may need to talk to the DBA who installed or knows the DB in order to get connection inforation.


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            'signed up for the APEX' - do you mean at apex.oracle.com ?


            If so, you can't connect to that database outside of your APEX account. They do have a schema management bit that allows you to create tables, etc.