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    how should we doing Lead scoring in eloqua..??

    Jimson Gonsalves

      Eloqua provides a scoring model. but it seems the scores are stamped on contact record itself.
      How can we have a score on lead?


      We may have 2 leads for one contact. if we want to score them individually how to do that?

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          Hi Jimson Gonsalves,


          You may want to check your CRM integration program and configurations in Eloqua (particularly the the Update Lead external calls field mapping) to confirm that lead scoring data is synched to leads in your CRM. Check with your Eloqua admin if applicable.


          Remember that Eloqua stores each unique contact record using their email address as the unique identifier. So in your case, one simple solution would be to have separate Eloqua contact records for each lead so that they may be scored and synched to CRM separately. Hope that helps.



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            Jimson Gonsalves

            Hi Jeremiah,


            Thanks for your comment.
            In current scenario, Eloqua stores unique contact record. In case if 2 or more leads are generated from one unique contact, then how eloqua handles lead scoring for those leads?




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              Hi Jimson,


              Eloqua will only synch one-to-one with the lead record that matches the unique email address and corresponding Lead ID value in your CRM (ie. SFDC LeadID). So the lead score of that Eloqua contact record will synch to your lead in CRM as configured.



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                Jimson Gonsalves

                As per our requirement we have many leads created for one contact at a given point in time.
                and according to the eloqua provided feature, only contact is scored.



                We want to have the lead score of each of these leads for that single contact.




                How can we configure that?




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                  prem deviraj


                  First of all we can't able to create duplicate email addresses in Eloqua. Contacts in Eloqua will have unique email address. Lead scoring model will work based on contact details in Eloqua that means one email address will be considered.

                  There may be more lead submissions from one contact ,but if all those leads are having same email address it will be considered as a single contact in Eloqua. In case of different email address for each lead but person details r same then all those leads will be created as different contacts in Eloqua.

                  For example:


                  Case 1: There are 10 lead records with email address as xyz@abc.com , in Eloqua only one contact will be created with email address xyz@abc.com


                  Case 2: There are 10 leads records with different email addresses like


                  xyz1@abc.com,xyz2@abc.com,xyz3@abc.com,xyz4@abc.com,xyz5@abc.com,xyz6@abc.com,xyz7@abc.com,xyz8@abc.com,xyz9@abc.com,xyz10@abc.com ,


                  Then even though person is same , 10 contacts will be created as email addresses r different.


                  Hope this explanation helps you.



                  Devi Raj Prem Kumar

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                    Chad Lloyd

                    Hi Jimson -


                    Sounds like you may have different business units and a single contact could be a lead for multiple lines of business, correct?


                    If that's the case, and assuming that you have the "Standard" trim level, you can create multiple lead scoring models. One for business unit A and then another for business unit B. This would allow you to segment based on a particular line of business' lead score.


                    If you are capturing leads from forms, then you would need to create some additional contact fields. You'd need business specific contact fields such as 'Lead Created on - Business Unit A', 'Lead Created on - Business Unit B', etc. This would help you to distinguish which contacts are leads for which lines of business.

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                      Jimson Gonsalves

                      Hi Chad Lloyd,


                      we have created  a custom data object(CDO) which captures multiple lead records for a single contact.
                      reason behind doing this configuration was we needed to have multiple lead records for a single contact at a given point in time.
                      We have multiple lead records in CDO now and they are linked to contacts.


                      Now our requirement is we need to score those leads in CDO.


                      Eloqua provides scoring on Contacts. our need is that we should have lead fields included in scoring model so that different leads will be scored differently(Even though they are associated to a single contact)

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                        Chad Lloyd

                        Gotcha - hmmm that's an interesting way to set up leads in Eloqua. Did an Eloqua implementation partner take you down that route?


                        You can set up a lead scoring model to score a particular contact based on their lead values contained in your CDO. Here's how that would look:



                        Then you'd set up any other profile criteria that may be located on your contact records like email address domain, location, etc. You can also combine any account level data that you may want to score on such as staff size, industry, etc.


                        Once you have this up and running, you'd set up a segment to filter on that specific lead scoring model....for example, you can set your filter to only show you your qualified leads, i.e. your A1, A2, B1 and B2 scored leads. From there you can set up a view to export those scores or if you have an analyzer license, you can create a custom report to review your qualified leads.


                        I hope this is helpful...Eloqua has so many capabilities but it's not the most intuitive platform. :-/

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                          Amol Mane

                          Hi Deviraj,


                          We want exactly opposite -


                          One contact (Contact is knowing but Email id.. like abc@company.com) , and if the contact is asking/ interested to know about serious service offering then its call lead/s.


                          So considering one contact with multiple inquires .. means one contact can associated with multiple leads.


                          Lead one :  abc@company.com asking for service A.

                          Lead Two :  abc@company.com asking for service C.

                          Lead Three :  abc@company.com asking for service B... like wise..


                          In such a case we want to put scoring on lead not on contact .. how can we do that ?



                          Amol Mane

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                            Chad Lloyd

                            Amol -


                            Following the process that I outlined above, you should be able to achieve this. Just set up multiple lead scoring models; one for each service.


                            You'll need to have the Standard Trim level for Eloqua in order to be able to do this. If you have Basic, you're limited to a single model.




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                              Amol Mane

                              Hi Chad Lloyd,


                              Appropriate your response. Have already gone through with your previous comment.


                              However, in our case we deal with so many service lines, which are again sub divided.. so this may incur more complexity. And it would be more difficult to maintain.


                              Once again many thanks for your valuable response.


                              Thank you



                              Amol Mane

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                                Chad Lloyd

                                Yeah, it's not the easiest and it's not easily scalable. Good luck!

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                                  4Thought Marketing

                                  Hi Jimson,


                                  I have set up something for a couple of customers that dealt with the same issue as it seems you have with the multiple leads for one contact using CDOs. The simplified requirements for these customers was to score CDO leads, because there could be many for a single contact, we needed to create scoring logic that not only scored a single CDO but multiple CDOs to get a total score to know if we could MQL the contact using a master CDO that was sent to the CRM. And yes this is the simplified version on the logic required.


                                  So it is very possible to do, but is it is not simple. If you can expand on your needs maybe I can try to explain here what will be needed. I am not sure if it can be explained on the chat very well as it will be quite complex, but I will do my best.



                                  Chris Metcalfe

                                  4Thought Marketing - Marketing Automation Specialist

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                                    Jimson Gonsalves

                                    Hi 4Thought Marketing,


                                    We have configured a CDO to store leads as we had a requirement that a contact can have many leads at a given point of time.
                                    So we have confiugured a CDO to store lead records and those CDO records are linked with contact object.


                                    Now in our scenario, there are 3 leads for one contact(say abc@xyz.com)
                                    and in current scenario, eloqua scores the contact.
                                    so we are not able to provide different scoring for the 3 leads of that contact.


                                    Therefore we are trying to find out a way to provide score on leads(CDO)



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