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    Moatasem Shebl

      Hello all,


      I want to upload data to my target planning  application at EPM on primes that data is a view at EBS 12 database i have ODI studio installed at my server , i was reading about using UDA but my FDMEE version does not support using UDA , i want your help how to import that data from that view to my target application using OIA method


      Thank You


      Note : My FDMEE version and i found that perfect post (fishing with FDMEE: Universal Data Adapter (UDA), direct DB integration - Part 1 ) but i can not use UDA please help at that topic

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          You mentioned you're on FDMEE but you do not have the ability to use the universal data adapter (UDA).  I'm guessing you're on  In that case, why not just install the latest patch set update, 210, in which case you will have UDA?


          If you still choose to go with the open interface adapter (OIA), then check out Working with Open Interface Adapters in the FDMEE Admin Guide.  It has all the info you need get going using OIA.  You can use any method you want to load the open interface table (AIF_OPEN_INTERFACE) in the FDMEE database - ODI, Jython script, custom SQL loaders - it's up to you.  I typically use Jython that gets fired on the BefImport event script.


          Good luck.

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            Moatasem Shebl

            Thank you sir for your support , i found that post to show loading data from a table to FDMEE , (Exploits in Hyperion: Managing data load in FDMEE using Open Interface table )


            that method in the post is depend on regenerate ODI scenario based on import format mapping that i selected , the question is how the FDMEE will know my view at the ERP database , i did not create a database connection or physical or logical schema at ODI , is that logical sir the FDMEE will know my view / table at the ERP database when i just mapping the column at import format and click generate ODI scenario


            Thank You

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              Why not just apply the patch to get on


              There are quite a few bugs on the base version and you have to ask yourself if you are likely going to have to address those bugs at some point why not just apply the patch now and follow Francisco A blog on the UDA.

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                Moatasem Shebl

                Hello Sir , I tried to install FDMEE to use UDA as it shown at that link (https://blogs.oracle.com/proactivesupportEPM/entry/patch_set_update_fdmee_psu) as a new future at that version and above but i faced that issue




                Thank You

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                  If you are going to patch then patch to the latest .210, there is no point just going to .100 if you are taking the time to patch

                  Also when patching in your example your oracle home -oh should be pointing to C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1





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