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    "PASTA Universal Printer Type" random print Chinease output mess


      EBS use "PASTA Universal Printer Type" random print Chinease output mess.


      The output file display well on the computer screen,but the output file is printed mess out.



      Customer open the Printer form (System Administrator responsibility > Install > Printer > Register)

      Query out the print ''--PASTA Universal Printer Type'',only click save button (don't do any modification).

      Resubmit the same concurrent request with same parameter,the concurrent output is printed well.




      It is very strange that customer didn't do any modification ,only click save button on Printer form.

      Resubmit the same concurrent.

      It is ok.


      As per Note:988863.1,customer $FND_TOP/resource/pasta.cfg file setup is right


      <Moderator Edtit - deleted contents of MOS Doc>


      If you need all the EBS Printer relative setup ,please let me know it.


      Please provide the some hint and clue.

      Thanks in advanced.