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    Obiee 11g Hierarchy




      I want to create a hierarchy from two dimension tables. Table 1 Customers, Table 2 Products.

      The hierarchy should have two levels 1.Customers.Customer_Name, 2.Products.Category.


      These two tables doesn't have a common key to join.


      Can we achieve this??



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          Gianni Ceresa


          Why do you want that?

          The result will be the same product categories to be repeated again and again many many time for all your customers, doesn't really make sense.

          And the link between custom and product category is probably only your fact table with sales.


          These few things make it a kind no-sense hierarchy, that's why I ask you what is reason behind this request ...

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            I want it like a hierarchical column.

            Suppose I have client XYZ and the Sales is 100$

            when they click on XYZ they should see like Category 1=20$, Category 2=80$.


            I did a drill down report right now. But they asked if this can be achieved, instead of going to different report when clicked and return back to main report.

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              Gianni Ceresa

              As said I suspect your only way to link customer and product is using the fact table.

              So if you imagine a join between the customer table, the fact table and the product table you easily see how bad it is because of the number of lines returned.

              So you can do it, sure, it's just not the ideal way.


              What you did now is a way better solution (navigation) or even just 2 analysis next to each other with master/detail link to pass the customer to the one showing the detail by product.

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                Thomas Dodds

                Why not specify a preferred drill path from Customer Detail Level to Product Detail Level?  Maybe I'm missing something ...

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                  Gianni Ceresa

                  You aren't missing anything Thomas Dodds

                  I was a bit too much against the "original need" and forgot to think a bit wider...


                  So the preferred drill path is the cleanest solution as long as the requirement isn't to drill somewhere else in the next analysis