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    Error at REQIMPORT where is the data?


      Dear, I'm calling the reqimport after sending the data to the PO_INTERFACES table and it returns me the transaction_id. The problem is that the data is out of PO_INTERFACES and nothing appears in the PO_REQUISITIONS_HEADERS_ALL, PO_REQUISITION_LINES_ALL, PO_REQ_DISTRIBUTIONS_ALL, or PO_INTERFACE_ERRORS tables. The staff here is already calling the poltergest register. If a transaction_id is generated it is why it was inserted into the interfaces table. Doubt is, where are the records going to. Can you help me?

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          What version of EBS are you using?  Are there any errors in the concurrent_request_log or fnd_log_messages?


          Could be a code issue if on 12.2:


          REQIMPORT POCIRM Encountered An Internal Error (Doc ID 1946918.1)

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            Sanjay Desai EBS

            You populate the PO_REQUISITIONS_INTERFACE_ALL table only for Requisition Import.

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              to interface requisitions, the data should be going to po_requsitions_interface_all (pria) as Sanjay commented...all levels - header, lines, distributions - all go to this table.  Once the Requisition Import has processed, if there aren't any errors, the records will be removed from the pria table and will exist in the regular requisition tables. If there are errors, they will remain in the table and you can query po_interface_errors for more information on the errors. 

                 For the ones that you cannot find, what is the output of Requisition Import request?  It should say how many requisitions were created and how many finished in error. Requisition Import Exceptions Report should also give you a listing of what erred.



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