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    Filter on Sparse Lookup Column 'Unspecified'

    Stijn Gabriels

      I have a column which is based on a lookup value. This lookup value translates a code column into a display value. I'm using a sparse lookup, because the code column can be null. If null, the displayed value must be hard coded to 'Unspecified'.

      The formula of the column is thus: LOOKUP(SPARSE "Lookup Table"."Display Value", 'Unspecified', "Dimension Table"."Lookup Code").


      Now I want to create a report with all rows where the display value is 'Unspecified', in order to find all rows where column Lookup Code is null (the lookup code is not in the presentation layer).

      For some reason, the lookup is not working and it somehow translates all columns to 'Unspecified', so all rows are being shown.

      Does anyone recognize this behavior?


      I'm using OBIEE