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    parent location listing


      Hi everyone,


      Do you have any experience in generating location list with PARENT LOCATION listed in it?

      I would like to know which Parent Location related to Children Location. So when I change the mapping in parent location, I will know which children location is affected.



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          I don't have access to the table model at the moment but the table tPOVPartition table contains information relating to locations in FDMEE. There should be a field in that table that indicates whether or not a location is a parent or child and then it is just a case of creating a custom report utilising this information to list the parent location and its children. You could easily use the current location listing report as the base template

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            I second Simon's recommendation.  All the info you need is in the TPOVPARTITION (location) table.  The PARTPARENT field identifies the parent location.

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              Hello both,


              Yes, I understand that we can check the parent location from tpovpartition table with partparent field which is the key of the parent location.


              Is there any way that end user can extract this from FDMEE without going into the database?


              I saw that in FDMEE there is "report execution" but there is only location listing, where can I change the script of this location listing? I was thinking about taking the "PARTPARENT" field and query it out in the report.



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                Try using the Excel Interface component to extract location information.  You can select one of the pre-defined exports from the list or simply specify a table name, in this case TPOVPARTITION.  See FDMEE: Downloading Metadata Using the Excel Interface for details.


                Good luck.