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    Memory is running low.


      When I am querying larger tables and want to view the entire output.

      Select * from table


      I select a cell in the output section and press ctrl+end so all the records will be fetched.


      I see the following error.


      box-image (1).png


      I am using


      My workstation has 16gb ram. I want to allocate as much memory to this as I can so I can query larger tables and see the entire output.

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          The 4.0 releases control the JVM's -Xmx memory limit via C:\Users\<your_userid>\AppData\Roaming\sqldeveloper\

          in product.conf.  This is in fact a minor naming pattern bug on Windows since it should be ...\sqldeveloper\4.<x>.<y> instead.


          I recommend upgrading to the latest 4.1.5 production release unless you are accessing an old version of the Oracle database that the latest JDBC driver shipped with 4.1.5 no longer fully supports, but even then you should be using the 4.0.3 release.  Note that the 4.1.x releases require Java 8, if you do decide to upgrade.


          Just as an experiment, I tried with an -Xmx setting of 5 GB (Add64VMOption -Xmx5120m) and was able display about 113,000 lines of ALL_OBJECTS (several of them, actually, via SELECT ... UNION ALL ...) with Task Manager reporting a working set size of 1,873 MB on an 8 GB machine.  So I cannot recommend this brute force approach, but if you have the RAM and a 64-bit OS, it should work fine.