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    Embedding Oracle ADF Page in OBIEE Dashboard


      Hello All,


      I am embedding Oracle ADF Page in OBIEE Dashboard using Embed Content Object. I am having a Test.jsf Page in ADF Application with a InputText Component and a Button.

      I am using Oracle ADF,Oracle Jdev ,OBIEE and Weblogic 12C.


      The issue is the ADF Page in the OBIEE Dashboard is flickering/endless loading . I don't have any Data bindings in this page , I only have a text box and a button.


      I deployed the ADF Application into the same environment which the OBIEE is present . I mean the same Weblogic Server environment.


      I am following the below :



      Tried :

      I tried giving the FRAME_BURSTING in the ADF web.xml . But this did not work.


          <description>Security precaution to prevent clickjacking: bust frames if the ancestor window domain(protocol, host, and port) and the frame domain are different. Another options for this parameter are always and never.</description>





      Am I missing anything? Please help me in this.

      If somebody can help me in this I can really appreciate .