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    What women want in community


      An interesting article discussing how to make communities more woman-friendly:

      Editor’s note: this piece focuses on studies of people who identify within a gender binary.


      As news sites grapple with the remarkable gender gap in engagemen in their communities, a number of studies point to some important requirements for women’s involvement.

      The bottom line is that communication of all kinds can be highly gender sensitive, and if the organization making the products has little diversity among its teams, the results will attract people like those who build the software...

      To get more women involved, community managers need to find more ways to provide the social rewards and cues that work for many women, and incorporate them into their design.

      There is some thought-provoking research cited, too.   What do you think? Is this drawing a needless distinction, or does this resonate?

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          I did enjoy reading the research!


          I liked all the general recommendations to encourage women participation: enforce community values, elevate thoughtful discussion, signal agreement and affirmation, etc.... and this too "To make products and services more successful for women, the social values have to be clearly defined, and products and services must adapt to a rich emotional communication,"


          There is already a lot that the OTN and MOSC does to encourage women participation. eg awarding points for helpful and correct answers does promote agreement and affirmation.

          It's also rare not to have civility in the forums too.


          The OTN and MOSC is mainly about technical, but to encourage rich emotional communication maybe it's time to highlight and promote the more non-technical forums, like the "watercooler".... I would think richer emotional communication wouldn't come from the dry technical solutions, but instead come from lively discussion of IT industry trends, or IT career tips, or government policy towards IT, etc.....