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    Upgrading 12.1.3 to 12.2.5


      12.1.3 - Suse Linux - x86_64

      DB - Exadata


      My question relates to the unified filesystem for a 12.2 install.


      Currently our 12.1.3 PROD system is split up into two mount points where the $APPL_TOP/$COMMON_TOP/$OH's are on one mount point and the $INST_TOP is on a diff mount point.


      During an upgrade (which we are yet to embark on), I understand that contents of these two file system will be merged into the fs1 and fs2 format while laying down the code line for a 12.2.5 install.


      Is there any harm in re-configuring a 12.1.3 filesystem (prior to an upgrade) to merge the two mount points - and if so, how is this gone about?


      Is it just a matter of running perl adcfgclone.pl appsTier in the PRODUCTION environment, in interactive mode and assigning the $INST_TOP path to be on the same mount point as the $APPL_TOP/$COMMON_TOP?


      Will the log file pointers in $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG maintain their correct settings as they were previous to the merge?