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    Connection Object Drag and Drop Distance


      When I left-click on an object in the Connection tree, and accidentally move the mouse before releasing the button, I used to get the dialog popping up saying it can't create that object there.


      I have turned off the dialog, but I still get the DatabaseCopy.xxxx.log sheet opening up and telling me that "Source and Destination connections are same."


      Can we please have a minimum distance of some significant number of pixels before SD assumes we want to create a new object?  I'd suggest at least a text-height in any direction, but that's just a suggestion


      Although if the target is not a different connection (but the drag has been sufficiently large), maybe it should be asking for a new object name, or just creating it with _COPY appended, or something?


      This is in 4.1.5 and 4.2.0 both, on Windows...