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    Urgent help solicited: Network error during client receive

    Ramkumar Menon-Oracle

      We have an immediate issue to address, and am running into this issue which I am unable to resolve.
      Any help will be highly appreciated.

      Issue is that we are persistently getting an error in the webcache event logs saying " Network error during client receive. The error code is: Unknown.". When I see the access_log, in the webcache logs, I see that the client is sent an HTTP 202 back.Here is a snippet from the event_log.

      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:39 -0500] [req-info] [ecid: 92439662383,0] [client: <client IP> [host: <serverhost>:<port>] [url: <the entpoint URL]
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:39 -0500] [trace 11331] [ecid: 92439662383,0] Request matches
      configured site <host:port>
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:39 -0500] [trace 11224] [ecid: 92439662383,0] Site <host:port> matches site-to-server mapping <host:port>

      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:39 -0500] [trace 11227] [ecid: 92439662383,0] Request is routed to origin server <host:realport> using load balancing
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:44 -0500] [trace 11409] [ecid: 92439662383,0] HTTP POST request body length 10162 exceeds maximum cacheable limit. 8160.
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:58 -0500] [debug 11326] [ecid: -] Connection count incremented. Current connection count is 2.
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:58 -0500] [req-info] [ecid: 96734648322,0] [client:] [host: <host:port>] [url: /_oracle_http_server_webcache_static_.html]
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:58 -0500] [trace 11331] [ecid: 96734648322,0] Request matches configured site <host:port>.
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:58 -0500] [trace 11414] [ecid: 96734648322,0] Initial cache key is composed: /host:port/_oracle_http_server_webcache_static_.html
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:58 -0500] [trace 11338] [ecid: 96734648322,0] URL is in the cache
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:58 -0500] [trace 11344] [ecid: 96734648322,0] Returning a freshly cached object.
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:58 -0500] [req-info] [ecid: 96734648324,0] [client:] [host: -] [url: -]
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:58 -0500] [trace 11398] [ecid: 96734648324,0] A client connection to listening port 10545 is dropped at the end of keep-alive session.
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:58 -0500] [debug 11353] [ecid: 96734648324,0] Network error during client receive. The error code is: Unknown.
      [27/Jun/2006:13:13:58 -0500] [debug 11320] [ecid: -] Connection count decremented. Current connection count is 1.