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    ROracle package - dbReadTable() error while reading a specific table "OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL"


      Hi All,

      Facing an error while reading the table "OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL" using dbReadTable(), the same statement works like a gem for other tables like "OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL" and "WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS".


      Statement: dbReadTable(con, "OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL", schema = "APPS")


      Error message:

      Error in .oci.GetQuery(con, qry) :

        Error in try({ : embedded nul in string: '\0'


      Below are the driver and oracle server version to get to know the context of the error:


      Driver details:


      [1] "Oracle (OCI)"



      [1] "1.3-1"



      [1] ""



      [1] 1



      [1] 1



      [1] FALSE



      [1] TRUE


      Oracle Server Details:

      Server version:

      Server type:           Oracle RDBMS

      OCI prefetch:          FALSE

      Bulk read:             1000

      Bulk write:            1000

      Statement cache size:  0

      Open results:          0


      Any help is much appreciated, BTW RODBC package worked well for all the tables through ODBC connection.