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    Unable to refresh the members after fdm to fdmee migration



      Could anyone help me out in the below issue.

      Members are not being converted as per the Target application dimension members in workflow in FDMEE  still i can see in uppercase after FDM to FDMEE migration is done.I guess due to this i was not able to open source document even after file is attached in data load rule in workflow for the location.

      I have ran the SQL Query as per the migration document after that  mappings are refreshed as they are in the Target application but in FDMEE Workflow target members are still in uppercase.

      below screen shots are after the Target application is registered in FDMEE.

      when i refresh the members in Target application in setup in fdmee it is failed to get refreshed at currency dimension after account dimension is refreshed.

      Please suggest me if i can delete currency,value,year,view in FDMEE Target application from setup as these are covered in other areas.

      1) is it because of members are not refreshed ,where i am  not able to see members are not converted from uppercase to as per the target application as we can see in workflow 1st screen ?

      2) Empty log file is being generated for this process.





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          Moatasem Shebl



          Is your application multi currency ? , or the currency dimension is a custom dimension at your application , if it that and you want to refresh your target application from FDMEE setup tap without the currency dimension and the others you can delete them from your target application as per your screen shot or you can only  refresh the member you  want not all members from data load mapping as per that screen ,







          Thank You