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    Hide outside border of table


      We created the object shown below by combining in the same report a KPI tile and two tables. We want to hide the border of the two tables (The frames shown in light blue color below)  but we have not been able to do it. We have tested all border configuration elements of the table object unsuccessfully. Can anybody provide some guidance on how to accomplish this? Thanks!



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          Chris Arnold

          I was able to achieve this in some of my reports by doing the following:


          Go into the properties of the table and there is only 1 tab (it is called 'Style').

          For the 'Data Viewing' category, check the 'Content Paging' radio button.


          Then be sure to set all of the borders to all of the fields (headers & values) in your report to white (#FFFFFF).


          I think that should work. It worked for me (see below):



          *I think the key here is being sure to set the Data Viewing to 'Content Paging'. From there, you should be able to figure out what you need to do.


          I hope this helps!

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            Thanks! That worked for us as well.