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    OBIEE Hint when having aggregation(sum) in the report/dashboard


      Hi ,


      I have a scenario where iam pulling sum(colum1) and adding an evaluate function in the same analysis for OBIEE dashboard/report.

      EVALUATE('/*+LEADING(Table_object_name) parallel(Table_object_name,4) */ %1', 0 )


      When this gets converted to SQL  the hint moved to second or lower column and oracle doesnt recognise the hint and is excluding it as some comment in the sql generated.


      Ex:  Query under session monitor looks like this

      select sum(Table1.col2) as c1,

        /*+LEADING(Table_object_name) parallel(Table_object_name,4) */ Table_object_name.Col1 as c2  from table1;


      Is there any way i can force obiee to make this to use col1 as the first value to be placed in the SQL


      I tried to force the SQL under advance tab it dint work.