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    Editing of Packages with more than 10000 rows


      When i edit Package or any other code which have more than 10 000 rows, my developer is continuously freeze for 10 and more seconds. It's problem of this tool or some of my settings? I gave to SQLDeveloper 6GB of RAM and he used 5.5GB. [Sry for my english]

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          Which release of SQL Developer do you use?   Here is an old post on the topic, mainly related to a bug...

          slow working with big pl sql packages


          but your case of 10,000 lines & up is even larger than the one discussed in the referenced link, so it may just be a matter of Java being slow in appending lines into a bigger string, etc.  If you look at the last post there (by Vadim), he mentions a debugging technique I would recommend in your case if you use the current 4.1 production release or the 4.2 Early Adopter...

          run sqldeveloper.exe from sqldeveloper/bin directory. This would run sqldeveloper together with java console. When experiencing freeze, activate console and hit ctrl-break. It will dump the stack, and we'll be able to pinpoint the culprit.

          You can also get Java full thread dumps by opening another Cmd / console window, then running the Java jps utility to discover all Java process ids, then use Java jstack <process id> to get the dump.


          Also, some developers might question why your package is so big in the first place, why you do not refactor it into smaller units. I do not believe such large packages are common.