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    Sun StorageTek 2540 failed to install DiskDrive Firmware Baseline !


      Hi guys,

      my StorageTek 2540 Array is failed to install Baseline firmware of Disk Drives (Although i'm managed to install baseline firmware of the 02 contriller).

      Here are my storage arry information:

      • Sun Storage Common Array Manager: version (Build date November 13, 2011)
      • 12 Disk Drives: SAS 300GB 15krpm
        • 01 Drive with current A700 firmware
        • 11 Drives with current 0605 firmware


      I updated the firmware baseline of the 02 controller succesfully, but everytime i try to install the baseline to disk drives, the error below appeared (even i try to remove some drives to remain just only one type of drive - A700 only or 0605 only)




      So that i cannot clear the warning sign on the summary page


      And the Alarm page continues to notify:





      One more detail is that all the FRUs components of the storage array is OK, and i'm able to create Virtural Drive, Volume to assign to host normally.




      So my question is:

      Could we ignore the warning message about the baseline firmware and continue to create Virtual Disk Drive and assign to Host. Is it stable ? If not, how can i solve this problem now ?


      Many thanks for your helps !


      Mikel Pham.

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