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      My name is Sundeep (oracle employee) and I actually believe in certifications! I like preparing for certifications (the right way) and I have fun learning all sorts of technologies that oracle has to offer. This was also one of my main motivation why I joined this company


      I think the value of certifications is not in the title itself, but it is what you learn out of it. I used to remember how people at my previous work place bragged about their certification marks (in the 90s) and mine would be in the 70s range  - but I stayed away from 'brain dumps' and instead dumped my brain into the core materials in order to learn (the right way, the fun way as well). I eventually gained that confidence of 'I can morph anything' because of the breadth of knowledge received from certifications. It eventually shows in your projects, not in your resume (although that doesn't hurt either).


      The good thing about oracle is big red owns its stack from top to the bottom - there is so much to learn and things are evolving as we speak. You can choose any tech stack, and you can choose multiple certifications pertaining to different areas as well.