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    Future of EBS DBA after EBS SAAS


      i was thinking as we are hearing different models of cloud and cloud Oracle apps, so what will be my future if i just started my career as EBS R12 DBA and my organisation choose to move on SAAS model of oracle EBS. what skills i have to learn to be in demand and stay employed?

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          Most companies think they are nimble and agile, and they are going to save big bucks when they adopt a SAAS EBS model.  Once they do it, they quickly figure out they are no longer nimble or agile because everything takes longer in the cloud, and SAAS DBA tasks like cloning, patching, upgrades take even longer to get done.


          I am sure I will get a lot of grief for this, but know of very few clients satisfied with SAAS DBA response time.

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            another issue is that if i have to work As saas dba i can get job only in oracle no other place, which will create oracle's monopoly and dictatorship for an employee. so i think it is right time to move from oracle ebs.

            what are your thought?

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              Personally I am not yet worried.  It only makes sense for the smaller new companies who don't have a very large EBS and don't care about performance or protecting their sensitive data from hackers.  I wouldn't put anything in the cloud unless it were hosted on a good Exadata, was fully encrypted and the only key was protected in a hardware only keyvault.


              There are other consultancies besides Oracle providing SAAS services and will expand if they can be more responsive to business requirements, ie not take 3 days to refresh a environment, or apply a patch or reorg a Demantra table.