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    How to create a Business Terms \Glossary \Dictionary in OBIEE?


      My colleague has proposed a "Display Metadata Dictionary on OBIEE Analytics UI" fix which will show a dictionary icon next to the subject area and will connect to an Index which has Repository Objects by name listed. My caveat is that the metadata dictionary gives the mapping of presentation columns to the corresponding Logical and physical columns. It gives details of How a metric\Attribute is defined within the OBIEE. But it does not provide the functional\Business significance of a metric\attribute. The Business Terms \Glossary \dictionary can be stored in a database table and then exposed in one of the standard dashboards through OBIEE. A dashboard page with All the business terms and the corresponding details can be build. A link can be provided on each dashboard to the dictionary dashboard which anyone can refer. This table can be controlled via OBIEE by adminstrator. Any update of business terms or insertion on new terminology can be controlled through OBIEE using a writeback report but the dictionary needs to be accessible from the Ad/hoc report screen. Are there any other ideas of how to use external tables or webpages references?