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    LAG Mode for Infiniband Switch in Exalogic X5-2


      I have an Exalogic X5-2 machine, quarter rack, with eight compute nodes and two Infiniband switches, each of those have one ETH connector connected to my datacenter switch via four 10GB fiber connector, but it seems that all the traffic goes only through one connector (0A-ETH-1), thus leads to low bandwidth between the rack and other servers, as well as fail-over between datacenter switches became impossible. I acquaintance there are LAG mode on both Infiniband switch, through "enablelagmode" and "createlag" commands. I used this rack as mixed mode, which four nodes running Oracle Enterprise Linux as physical nodes, and the other four nodes running Oracle VM Server for virtualization. So I would like to know whether LAG mode is supported on this system, and how to configure it when possible. Thank you.