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    Explode Wedge in OBIEE Pie Chart

    Dennis Hancy

      Within my Pie Chart, I click on "View Properties".


      On the Style tab, I click on "Style and Conditional Formatting".


      On the first tab (Style Formatting) of the next screen, I am presented with a list having three columns: Position, Color, and Explode Wedge.


      This allows me to break out a wedge of the pie in an effort to highlight it on the display.


      I have created five such lines in this dialog box, which means up to the first five wedges will be exploded (i.e., broken away from the pie itself).


      But is there a way to tell OBIEE that I want all wedges to be exploded?  In other words, I won't know ahead of time how many pieces of pie there will be.


      If I leave the position field blank, I get a long winded error message.  Clicking on Error Details, it simply tells me "Error Codes: EIRWWH9E.


      If I enter a 0, none of my pie wedges are exploded.


      Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!