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    iProcurement PHP Supplier Integration


      Hi guys,

      I have a customer that wants to use a punchout catalogue so that he can get his roders on to his iProcurement system.

      My ecommerce environment is Magento .

      The logging in part works just fine , so he selects my company , clicks the button , he is taken to my site , but when I'm triying to post back to him to the <BrowserFromPost><URL> from his initial message he doesn;t receive the cart. He told me that with other suppliers after he creates an order he is being redirected a page where he can see his cart , where as from my page he is redirected to his main menu , the link where i;m posting back looks like this



      When I try to access that link manually I get a 302.


      This is how my cxml looks like


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8"?>

      <cXML version="1.1.007" xml:lang="en" payloadID="2017-02-14T12:51:09+00:00XXXXXX11784978530@www" timestamp="2017-02-14T12:51:09+00:00">



      <Credential domain="Name">





      <Credential domain="Name">





      <Credential domain="Name">



            <UserAgent>Oracle Fusion Self Service Procurement</UserAgent>



        <Message deploymentMode="test">



      <PunchOutOrderMessageHeader operationAllowed="create">


      <Money currency="GBP">645.84</Money>



            <ItemIn quantity="1">







      <Money Currency="GBP">645.84</Money>


      <Description xml:lang="EN">ITEM 1</Description>


      <Classification domain="UNSPSC">46181500</Classification>







      This is how I send the post

      echo '

      <form action="'.$url.'" method="POST" NAME="orderForm" >

      <input type="hidden" NAME="oracleCart" value="'.urlencode($xmlstring).'"/>

      <input type="submit" value="Return basket to Oracle Fusion P2P">




      Thank you very much, any help is appreciated.