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    Division calculation is not working.


      Hi all,


      I have a requirement in the following way.


      I have year and month as dashboard prompt filters.


      My report have the following columns (I have selected year 2016 as my filter getting the following data)


      Transportername          Measure column (count)     Total column     measure column/total column.


      T1                                        2                                        15                         0.0

      T2                                        8                                        15                         0.0

      T3                                        5                                         15                         0.0


      Measure column (count)


      count(Distinct "- Shipment Dimensions"."Shipment GID")


      shipment gid is a dimension column and it has duplicates so using distinct. I need distinct count.


      Total column



      sum(count(Distinct "- Shipment Dimensions"."Shipment GID" by "- Shipment Service Provider Dimensions"."Transportername","- Shipment Period Dimensions"."Year") by "- Shipment Period Dimensions"."Year")


      Here i need sum of all 3 transporters (selected 2016 as  year in db prompt).


      In the third column i am expecting result: 2nd column/3rd column


      for eg: 2/15;8/15;5/15


      When i try 2nd column code/3rd column code then its giving 0.0 for all the rows.


      How to solve this? Any help most appreciated.