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    OBIEE Row Number




      I have a OBIEE ( analysis and I like to add a row number column. I use rsum(1) or rcount(1) for the row numeration. When I re-sort the rows (on an arbitrary column ) the row numbering does not change.


      Does anyone know how to do that?


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          Gianni Ceresa


          I don't see where is the issue ...

          Row numbering is done at the query level, a visual reordering in the front end is not supposed to change that.


          If you make a SQL query with a row number column, export to Excel and sort by another column of your data set does the row numbering column change? Not really ...


          So it works as expected.


          What's the purpose of a totally data unrelated row numbering?


          PS: you can of course remove the ability to change sorting on the report and so the problem can't exist ...