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    Remove Columns While Drilling Down


      Hi, I've started working with OBIEE in the last couple weeks and have found a problem I can't get past. I have a graph with products along the x-axis and sales numbers along the y-axis. I like the ability to drill down through products and have my sales numbers update automatically. For example, if I have "Cars" and "Trucks" along the X-axis, if I click on "Trucks" it now shows me data for "Small Trucks" and "Big Trucks". My problem is that the labels along the x-axis now say "Trucks/Small Trucks" and "Trucks/Big Trucks" which looks ugly on reports. This is because when I drill down, it adds a new column for the Small and Big Truck data, but keeps the column for "Trucks".


      Is there anyway I can set up my report so that the "Trucks" column is deleted/hidden once I drill down through it? My end goal is to be able to drill down and just have the axis labels show the lowest generation, so in my example just "Small Trucks" and "Big Trucks"