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    Item Price In Item Master


      Item Price fixed in Item Master to carry forward to Purchase Order and non editable. The rate of the Item put in the Item Master comes as default in PO when the Item is selected but it remains editable. Thus it becomes imperative for the Purchase Approver to check price every time. We want a situation where price/rate will be locked at the Item level and ideally maintain a history of the price/rate changes for future references.

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          J Reinhart

          A simple personalization on the PO form can make the price non-changeable.


          If you allow some situations where certain people can change the price, then there are a couple of ways to keep a history.   You can enable standard auditing, and use the audit tables and reports to see the changes.   That can slow things down, so test for performance if the form is very active. Another idea is that if you use a personalization to prevent changes, but allow changes in specific conditions, you can have that same personalization populate a custom table with the history information.


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            Are you using Blanket POs at all?  If so there is an 'Allow Price Override' field that could be set on each item that would lock the price field when the actual PO is cut.

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