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    Dynamic Series for Line Chart


      I am trying to find a solution to create a line chart that the number of series will change based on selections.  For example my data consists of metrics over time and the balances of each metric.  There could be 2 metrics or 40 metrics based on what the user selects.  How can I get my line chart to adjust accordingly and the legend recognize what the metrics are?  Thanks for any guidance.

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          APEX version is important here, since 5.1 charts do this out of the box.


          Providing table structure and desired layout would also go a long way in describing your problem, and forming a solution.

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            It's APEX version 5.0.  It's a pretty straight forward structure.  It's has a report date which is just the monthend date, a metric (Channel for example) then a metric name which is the subset of the metric. In this case I would have 3 Channels with a balance associated with each for each monthend.  I would like the months to be the label (x axis) and the series would be the metric name charting balances over the months. The basic query would look something like this....


            NULL LINK,

            RPT_DT LABEL,



            FROM PORT_DIST_MV

            where  metric = :P1_METRIC


            Hope that helps.