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    'SelectALL' checkbox in IR with control break?

    Stefan M. H.

      Hello there,


      i'd like to pick up a question from User771987-Oracle

      I created a report with a column for checkbox. The column heading was also a check box.

      Using 'Dynamic Action', all the check boxes can be selected/unselected by clicking on the column header (which is also a check box).

      Issue is when i do a control break on the form based on some field. Now, multiple column headers are there."


      I did the same and get the followig behaviour:

      a) ticking the checkbox in top header selects ALL rows (in every group) (which is fine!)

      b) ticking a checkbox in a group header doesn't do anything

      c) the checkboxes in every data row work as expected


      Some specifics to my solution:

      - Application Express

      - Interactive Report with Static ID and checkbox  column: APEX_ITEM.CHECKBOX2(1,keyvalue,'UNCHECKED')

      - Column heading set to: <input type="checkbox" id="selectunselectall"> (display as "Standard Report Column")
      - Dyn. Action (Change on jQuerySelector #selectunselectall, Scope Dynamic on <Report's Static ID>,


      if ( $( '#selectunselectall' ).is(':checked') ) {  $('input[type=checkbox][name=f01]').attr('checked',true);


      else {  $('input[type=checkbox][name=f01]').attr('checked',false);



      What I would like to accomplish:

      - my preferred, small solution: remove checkboxes from group headings (but keep it in top header)


      - "big solution": get checkboxes in group header to check/uncheck the rows of the relevant group


      Can anybody help me on that?

      Is it possible to change the column header depending on beeing in top header or in a group header?


      Thank you in advance!