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    %Increase in pivot view


      Hi all,


      How to evaluate % increase in pivot view.


      i have a measure1 (2016 data) and measure2 (2015 data) columns

      i want %increase = (measure1-measure2)/measure2 using pivot view.


      Is it possible in pivot view?




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          Robert Angel



          You could create a year ago measure to achieve this, or, if you are set on your pivot table course then you can make calculations by referencing the columns in a newly created calculated column; -


          “($1 - $2) /  $2”



          Hope this helps?



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            how to create calculated column for measures in pivot view?

            i tried to create calculated column for measure it is saying cannot be created for measures.




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              Robert Angel

              My example syntax assumes that your years are laid out in columns and the year 2016 is in column 1 and 2015 in column 2.


              On pivot table calculations you would do it as follows; -


              To create a calculated item for a dimension column (in your case I am guessing something like Time.Year)


              Click on the “More options” button for the dimension column

              Choose “New Calculated Item”


              Populate with the formula as previously supplied.


              Got it?