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    Multiperiod Import Format for single period upload and multiperiod upload, possible??


      Hi all,


      I am asking this because customer wanted to have 1 import format, that can be used for different scenario , which has different amount column(sometimes only January amount, sometimes January-May amount, sometimes Jan-Dec amount).  We are using FDMEE latest patch).


      E.g For budget scenario the amount is 12 months

          For actual scenario the amount is 1 month, but sometimes they also want to upload for 5 months.



          1. Can I use 1 import format like below screen shot for the amount to cater to all of the scenario above? Additional info: customer does not want to upload 0 value during import... Do I need to take the NZP out?

          2. What is the pro cons if I use 1 template for all scenario?



        Currently the customer feels that it is more complicated to maintain several template(Import format) in FDMEE, because in the old FDM they are using Multiload template which is in their opinion, is more flexible....