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    Upgrading OEBS 12.2.0 to 12.2.6 or just appalling patches


      Hi, community!

      I'm junior oracle DBA, so sorry for strange question.

      Now I have clear EBS 12.2.0 (VIS) on oracle linux 7 after rapid installation, and I need to upgrade it to 12.2.6.

      As instruction I'm using Doc ID 2114016.1, I have run last checkDBpatch.sh and got list of missing patches and this alert :


      A consolidated zip file with the required patches for Database release         is available on My Oracle Support via:                               


        Patch 25201332 [ version]                                           

          - EBS RELEASE 12.2 CONSOLIDATED DATABASE FIXES FOR JAN 2017                 


      Note: This zip does not include any database bundle patches or PSUs.            


      OK, I downloaded 25201332, but what is right way to install it? Should I just run opatch apply or something else ?

      Help me please to understand idea of patching)

      Best, regard!



      Is it necessarily to stop DB and Listener?